A Rak Tamachat Permaculture Pioneers Adventure


The Pioneers in the Mud-pit!!!



These farm adventures have taken us from mountain to island
we’ve built toilets, changed names and seen rain change this dry land
while altering it with our permie ethics and goals
we’ve dug deep at much more than just a few holes
As pioneers, we’ve slashed and pushed through the crap
we’ve arrived in a place from which we can never go back
We’ve faced any challenge with bonded power and tenacity
forged friendships which have to lead us from strangers to community

Nat full of mumbling hilarious one-liners
Mush’s laughing eyes encourage the best in each one of us
Steph left a legacy of cooking concoctions
Amelia’s playful soul, to find her destiny has traveled oceans
Stevo shard his music and ALWAYS gives his time
Big Ben, armed with a saw and a broken hoe, his radiance shines
Bright Sky gave us the gift of love, randomness and uke strumming
and the sweet smell of incense follows Pan, his creative mind always running
Our sleepy Rasta’s beaming smile fills up our souls
Guy grows things with passion and shares the gift of his beautiful words
Theron’s calmness guides us smoothly through every storm
While Matt’s Gentle encouragement still enlightens and warms
Christian and Tiaga blessed us with laughter and love
and Steve and Lin have given their land with big dreams from above

Together we’ve built the foundations of our ambitious quest
And my adventure with you all, to a community, has been my most beautiful yet.

Thank you all for blessings in my life.
Love love love, Toni


Meet the Original Rak Tamahcat Pioneers


No thanks are enough to repay them, but let this page give them a special place at Rak Tamachat forever!!!




Guy, is the chasing bobcat of redwood dreams. You will find him plotting and conspiring with the golden rot of chanterelle. A true artist of the original sense. His artwork will always adorn the walls of Rak Tamachat. It is priceless to us.




Bright Sky

Sagittarian Fire Hare

Howdy y’all! name’s Bright Sky, and I’m a superhero farmer from Austin, Texas. I’ve been working as an event organizer and sustainability demonstration site host in America for the past two years, and have recently received my certification in permaculture. I’m part of a superhero alliance called the Haul of Justice, a group of costumed heroes riding around on bikes doing spontaneous acts of community service. I serve the world joyfully, am actively working toward regenerating the resiliency of our planets’ ecosystems. Love is reality! I like to learn. More importantly, I like to practice what I learn. Currently, I am exploring Yoga, Ayurveda, Permaculture, Community Living, Telekinesis, Graphic Novel Authoring, Heroing, Playing Ukelele, Singing, Reading I Ching, Pyramids, and Smiling.



Big Ben

Tauran Water Monkey

I’m Ben, 19, from the American midwest. My story is best told below.





YouTube video


Libran Fire Tiger

Stepped over the edge and fell smiling. Now the venture takes me through the feel of life’s extremes. I will share love and die as though art.



Ariesian Water Dog

I am a nomad farmer, as much as this sounds like a paradox, so are the qualities of my many tendencies: light-hearted and serious; traditional yet eccentric; longing for stability but always ending up in a state of travel. I have worked in interpretation, ESL teaching and other odd jobs in Canada, Taiwan, Japan, and India. At some point during all of these, I rediscovered a connection with the land. Now I want nothing but to use my hands, to move my body and to engage my soul to heal this earth and to help people around me to live in harmony with nature and with each other.



Cancerian Fire Sheep

My name is Nat. I was born in England, but I’m not sure if I’ll die in England.


Libran Bamboo Buffalo

From the prairies of North America to the Korat Plateau. Steve is a happy buffalo here on Spaceship Earth. Striving to experience every experience on his journey toward sustainability and re-connection with Mother Earth.



Tauran Water Boar

Toni’s mission is to, simply, save the world. She lives by the ‘slow and small solutions’ principle. ‘All you can do is start with yourself… others will follow… once they see how cool you are!’ She’s been traveling the world for 10 years, living, walking, talking, breathing permaculture for the last 3. She has special interests in large-scale sustainable farming and permaculture communities and is passionate about teaching (Education is the key!) which brought her here as Human Resources Manager at Rak Tamachat. Wild Food, Seed Sowing, and fermenting are her thing + she’s a little obsessed with green smoothies. She truly believes in the empowerment permaculture gives and lives for the serotonin fix of having her hands in the soil.

Gardening with Toni

YouTube video



Virgian Metal Monkey

A student of life, adventure and permaculture, Theron has spent the last year traveling through Australia and Southeast Asia to learn and apply Permaculture in a diversity of climates and environments. His dedication toward the regeneration of eco-systems and reintegration of individuals with their communities shows in everything he does. Growing up in rural North Idaho, much of Theron’s childhood revolved around snow capped mountains, abundant wildlife and dense natural forests. That chapter of life would later be juxtaposed with the dense urban environment of Houston, Texas. After relocating to Austin, Theron sat on the board of directors for Wheatsville Co-op and helped to co-found Community Cultivators, which has since expanded into three major U.S. cities. These experiences have given Theron a unique lens on to the world which he shares through permaculture education and application.

Ben Murray

Piscean Metal Monkey

Ben is a permaculture designer, consultant and teacher with a background in organic and biodynamic gardening / agriculture, natural building, horticulture and landscape architecture. Ben has been actively practising and teaching permaculture for the last 5 years in England, Thailand and India and is currently managing the gardens at Panya CQ (Rak Tamachad), a newly founded permaculture project in the east of Thailand.. He loves community living, natural building and is most often to be found with his hands in the earth working in the plant realm. Ben is passionate about applying permaculture design to every element of life and believes in being the change we wish to see in the world.

Matt Prosser

Leon Earth Sheep

Matt is a Permaculturist with great passion for building with natural/sustainable materials and sharing knowledge. He has worked at projects in India and spent 2011 enjoying community living at the Panya project Chaing Mai, broadening his knowledge and leading workshops. Matt has attended a Permaculture teachers training course in the UK and recently completed a training of trainers workshop at the well respected Wongsanit ashram. Matt is now natural building manager at Rak Tamachad and is working towards a diploma in applied Permaculture design. He also enjoys working in the plant realm, be it in the garden or food forest. Matt is interested in blurring the lines between work play and art, believing that Permaculture is a important part of the solution for progressive, regenerative global change.


Natural Building with Adobe with Matt Prosser

YouTube video