Thai Cooking Course

The Art of Thai Cooking


The adage of Thai cooking is simple:

Cook with your tongue!


In traditional Thai cuisine, recipes are more like guidelines, and each chef is free to deviate to compensate for a particular ingredient’s flavor changes or to fit a new locale. In fact, many Thai chefs have difficulty with western cooking because, in Thailand, there are no measuring cups.

Thai chefs learn to cook by watching and helping in the kitchen… by “internalizing the system” instead of by following written instructions. This is why you will find such a wide variation between restaurants.

The Thai Cusine places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge!

The Flavours of Thai Cusine


The four essential flavors of Thai cuisine:
  • SALTY: fish sauce, shrimp paste.
  • SPICY: chilies, pepper.
  • SOUR: lime, tamarind.
  • SWEET: palm sugar, fruits.

Every dish in Thai cuisine incorporates at least two of these – sometimes all four. One flavor may be dominant, but the others will be there too, like notes in a chord.

That’s what makes Thai food so interesting!

Thai Chef Cooking Course


The Rak Tamachat is proud to provide training for the Thai Culinary Cusine and certification of Thai Chefs in our World Renowned Thai Cooking School.

The Thai Culinary Institute allows for International and Thai Students the opportunity to train with one of the premier Thai Chefs in Issan. Khun Lin is the head Chef for the Rak Tamchat Permaculture Institute. Khun Lin loves to share her Thai Culinary secrets with others to spread the Thai Cooking Culture around the world.

Thai cooking comes from the heart as you learn Thai Cooking in your family home cooking for your loved ones. Khun Lin will share with you here families Thai Culinary Traditions by showing you how to cook Thai Food in the Traditional manner.


Great Thai Food Starts in the Garden!

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What makes the Rak Tamachat Culinary Institute, Thailand one of the premier Thai Cooking Education centers in Thailand?

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