Permaculture Internship Asia

Permaculture Internships


Rak Tamachat

Permaculture Research and Education Institute

Asia, Thailand

Why does Rak Tamachat Run a Permaculture Internship Program?

At Rak Tamachat, we are lucky to have the Guidance” of our Founders: Lin and Beau Wickboldt. They want to share their passion for Permaculture and Natural Living, as well as their home, with a large Intentional Community of Permaculturists, Students, and Volunteers year-round. They found their places in the world by “Sharing the Empowering Knowledge of Permaculture and Natural Building“.

The learned that the world does not offer people enough opportunities to really immerse themselves in Permaculture Studies. They wish that the Rak Tamachat Institute can become a place of Sanctuary where Dedicated Learners come to live in a Permaculture Intentional Community and learn the empowering “Life Skills” of Permaculture and Natural Building. They believe that Permaculture is a Lifestyle Choice that allows people to ease into Intentional Community Living.

Thus, allowing for Permaculture Internship Opportunities was a logical service for Rak Tamachat to provide.

Who’s Eligible for the Permaculture Internship?

The Permaculture Internship is for all Graduates of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design Courses. Rak is also open to other PDC graduates of other Institutes, offering 25% off on PDC courses to graduates of other institutions. You can Contact Us for more info. We want to grant an opportunity for Continued Learning by providing an exchange that helps both the Permaculture Student and the Institute. We work to offer first-class PDC’s and NBC’s but, first and foremost, we want our students to learn as much as they desire.

 If you have not completed your Permaculture Design Course, you can sign up for our PDC here:

What is included in this Permaculture Internship?

Once Rak Tamachat Students have completed their PDC or Combined Course, they can become Interns for the next 2 to 14 days, allowing them the time to perfect their skills during their Permaculture in Practice sessions. they will also be shown everything it takes to run Rak Tamachat as an Intentional Permaculture Community and Education Institute.

After completing their Permaculture Internships, some of our Interns choose to stay at Rak Tamachat for another two months and complete their Permaculture Design Diploma.

To learn more about the Permaculture Diploma:

Others might choose to become Residents for a period of 1 to 3 months, at a discounted rate of 5 USD per day (75% off of volunteer rate).

For that, they will need to leave the farm for a period of at least one weekend (there are many places you can go visit around Rak Tamachat – visit our Day Trips page) to one month, and then be accepted as Residents (residencies are conditional to acceptance by Rak Tamachat).

Learn more about Permaculture Residency Program here:

What is expected of me in the Permaculture Internship?

 The Rak Tamachat Internship Program offers full experiential immersion in Permaculture and Natural Building, with hands-on building, farming and Permaculture Community Living.

As a participant in the Permaculture Internship, you will directly Represent a Permaculture Educational Institute, Farm and Intentional Community centered around education, united in service, and dedicated to the restoration of human and environmental health.

We are interested in hard-working, self-motivated / starters, organized, flexible individuals with a strong desire to serve the land, the Permaculture Community and themselves. We ask that Permaculture Interns arrive ready and willing to participate in all aspects of the farm and Permaculture Community life.

Our Permaculture mission is to empower individuals with the tools and understanding of Permaculture which will allow them to become inspired and activated leaders for positive change.

While there is no guarantee on what you will take away from this Permaculture Experience, we recognize that those most actively engaged in participation receive the greatest returns.


What we do expect of a “Permaculturalist” – As a graduate student of Permaculture Design, you are expected to uphold the Ethical Intentions of Permaculture. We need to remember that Permaculture is first and foremost a Sustainable Design Science that gives up the tools to make a positive change in the world’s degraded environments. You will be looked up to as a Graduate Student and Intern, and as such are expected to help guide new students in their Permaculture Journey. We, as a Permaculture Community, are all here to help each other further our understanding of the world.

If you cannot say YES to the below, please don’t apply:

  • I want to learn more about how to change my life with Permaculture.
  • I will work to make the change I want to see a reality.
  • I will be dedicated to my task and “Be on Time“.
  • I will take responsibility for myself and my duties.
  • I can live without Drugs in my life to help make a change.

If you are ready to get stuck in and learn REAL Permaculture Skills, and are a Doer – not a Talker, then we are the place for you!

 Why such a Hard Line above?

We want to make sure we are getting what we like to call the “Cream of the Crop“.

Cost of the Permaculture Internship Program

The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship is designed (as all good Permaculture Ideas) to be a minimal cash investment endeavor. We want to be able to offer our Internship at minimum cost but have to assure that we do not lose money. To that extent, we ask every Intern for a contribution of 10 USD per day, which is a 50% discount from regular volunteering fees and only 1/5th of what students pay to follow their courses.

One Week Internship:

10 USD/day x’s 7 days =

70 USD all-included


Two Weeks Internship:

10 USD/day x’s 14 days =

140 USD all-included