Permaculture Course Thailand


At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand, our Education Team has worked hard to design our Permaculture Course Thailand, Asia – bringing together all the Key Disciplines of Permaculture under one Amazing Course.

Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute believes the standard 72 hrs PDC is a good introduction to the Permaculture Course, but in order to make Permaculture Design come alive and utilize all the tools it teaches, we have added bonus Training Modules on Permaponics and the making of Homemade products (Tea Roasting, Tofu Making, Soap Making, Cheese Making).

We are ready to teach you the skills to create the amazing and dynamic Permaculture Farm of your dreams, the wealth of knowledge that the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute gives you will allow you to start on a new path with Permaculture, a path you can walk on for the rest of your LIFE!

We also give you lifetime access to the Online PDC on the Sustainable Agriculture Institutes Online Permaculture Learning Management SystemFree for Rak Students and worth 195 USD.

So, if you think you’re ready to take the Permaculture Design Challenge and learn some new life skills, we are here to teach you all you need to know to start Thriving!

Permaculture is about learning to see the world through Natures’ Eyes, Rak Tamachat means “Love and Protect Nature” in Thai, and we will show you how to see the world in a new amazing light free of fear.

Once you have seen the world through the Permaculture lens you can’t go back to see it any other way but with Beauty!

We understand your PDC is a Life-Changing Event, so we are always happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to hear from you:

Permaculture Course Thailand – Course Offering Dates


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand is proud to offer Permaculture Design Courses every month, as we believe Permaculture forms the basis of our Permacultural and Natural Living Lifestyle. Our 9-day Permaculture Course allows students to learn about the life-empowering techniques and philosophies of Permaculture Design.


Please note: Rak Tamachat Permaculture Courses fill up fast

due to early booking and the 15 student limit per course!

Course Discounts For Citizens of South East Asia, Southern Asia, and Expats in Thailand


The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute Thailand is proud to introduce the Permaculture Asia Course Discount, offering 20% discounts to all citizens of ASEAN countries, citizens of SAARC countries, and foreigners living in Thailand that hold a valid Non-Immigrant Visa O (proof of eligibility required).

If you are a citizen of an ASEAN country (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam), a citizen of a SAARC country (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka), or if you are a foreigner residing in Thailand with a Non-Immigrant O Visa (usually foreigners that are retired, married, parents of a child, studying or teaching at a governmental institution, or holding a work permit), you can benefit from this incredible opportunity and follow your sustainability journey at a lower cost.

You can find more information about our discount program HERE.

If you are eligible for the Permaculture Asia Course Discount, your Permaculture Design Course at the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute Thailand will be discounted at

Only 500 USD!

Furthermore, if you come with another student and share a bungalow togetheryou will benefit from an additional 5% discount!

If you are eligible, click the button below to make a discounted reservation:

Permaculture Course Thailand – Reserving Your Place On The Course


To reserve your place on a Permaculture Course, we ask for either a 100 USD reservation deposit or a payment in full.

Booking your place on a course can be made through PayPal (you do not need an account, PayPal accepts credit cards from most banking institutions) or through direct bank transfer.

You can pay using other currencies than US dollars, and PayPal will convert the exchange rates.

***Please note that Rak Tamachat limits its participants to 15 students per course, so securing your spot EARLY is recommended***


How To Reserve Your Place On The Course?

Click on any “Book Now” Button, and you will be redirected to the checkout page.

Select your Month of Attendance, add any additional student, children or guest that you are reserving for (if any).

By default, the “Pay Deposit” option is selected (you will only have to make a 100 USD deposit reservation and can pay the remainder of your bill on arrival at Rak Tamachat). If you wish to, you can click “Pay in Full” to pay for the course in its entirety. We recommend you familiarize yourself with our Refund and Rescheduling Policy by clicking on the following link: Refund and Rescheduling.

Then click on “Add to order“.

You will be prompted to fill in the checkout section of the page with your order information: name, email address, billing address, as well as an emergency contact name and email. The latter is required, as we need to be able to communicate with one of your relatives should you experience any health emergency – we will NOT use that information to spam your loved ones.

Then, select your Payment Method:

  • Direct Bank Transfer: after having clicked “Place Order“, you will be redirected to a page with all the information needed to make a bank transfer – when we receive the funds, we will send you a Reservation Confirmation by email.
  • PayPal: after having clicked “Place Order“, you will be redirected to a PayPal Checkout page where you will have the option to pay with your PayPal account or, if you do not have an account, with your credit card – most banks credit cards are accepted. The reservation is instantaneous, and you will receive a confirmation automatically.


That’s it: you successfully reserved your place on the course!

What you get for this All-Inclusive Price!


  • Rak Tamachat’s 72 hrs on-campus Permaculture Design Course and certificate of completion;
  • In-depth exploration of the 14 chapters of Bill Mollison’s “Permaculture: a Designers’ Manual“;
  • Hands-on practical PDC morning sessions to show you all the gardening/farming techniques used in Permaculture (compost, biochar, bio-fertilizers, plant propagation, vermiculture, swales and levels, etc.)
  • FREE access to the Online PDC for 1 year;
  • Private Teak Bungalow accommodation (with mattress, bedding, mosquito net, fan, and electric outlets);
  • Three Communal Meals per day, plus fruit snacks, teas, coffees all included;
  • Bonus Training Modules –  Permaponics with Beau Wickboldt and Natural Products with Lin Wickboldt (Tofu, Tempeh, Soaps, Cheese, Natural Tooth Powder, and Sprouts);
  • Free High-speed Fiber Internet Access;
  • FREE lifetime access to the Rak Tamachat Reference Library (over 60 gigs of Permaculture and Natural Building);
  • Thai Cooking Experience with Khun Lin during Communal Meal Preparation;
  • FREE seeds after the seed saving session to help you start or develop your own permaculture farm;
  • Returning students will benefit from a 50% discount on doing the same course a second time, and are extended a 10% discount on any other Rak Tamachat course;
  • The course cost includes the first night-stay before the first course-day and the last night after the last course day.

Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand Now exclusively offers All Students:


1 Year of Free Online Access to the Sustainable Agriculture Institute!!!


Online Permaculture Design Courses - Teaching SustainabilityWhen you sign up for a Permaculture Design Course at Rak Tamachat, we give you

1 year of free access to the Sustainable Agriculture Institute’s

online Permaculture Design Course,

entirely Free!!!

Get all the in-depth knowledge of your sustainable courses with access to more than 35 hours of practical and lecture videos. Refresh and expand your knowledge with a Learning Management System that makes learning easy and flexible.

Not convinced? Visit the Sustainable Agriculture Institute and discover their online programs.

Try it out: sign-up for a free online Introduction to Permaculture Design here.

Permaculture Course Thailand – Explore Our Permaculture Design Course!


Our Permaculture Farm

Our 75 acres of Perennial Permaculture makes the Rak Tamachat Farm a true Garden of Eden. The farm was developed following a fully integrated Permaculture Master Plan that we use to guide our Permaculture Teachings. But we don’t just teach: we live out our teachings every day on our site!

Image of a private teak bungalow at Rak Tamachat

Our Sustainable Facilities

From your private teak bungalows and tropical showers to the compressed earth bricks classroom and communal sala, all our facilities were constructed using Natural Building Techniques. Designed for comfort and resiliency, they make Rak Tamachat a truly Sustainable Institute.

Image for Permaculture Educators at Rak Tamachat

Our Experienced Educators

At Rak Tamachat, we highly value Quality Education. As we feel it is important to offer our students the Best Learning Experience, we rely on a team of Qualified Educators that love to share their knowledge by providing world-class training, so that students have the ability to develop life-long skills.

Image of schedule

Our Detailed Course Schedules

Our courses have been specifically tailored and refined to give us the ability to provide our students with the most in-depth content in a condensed, diversified, and balanced way. What will you learn? For how long? How is the course structured? How are the days organized? Get the answers here!

Beau Wickboldt teaching Permaculture at Rak Tamachat

Permaculture Design Lectures Curriculum

At Rak Tamachat provides the most complete Permaculture Design Course in Asia. Our afternoon lectures follow the 14 Chapters of Bill Mollison’s “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual”. Rak Tamachat puts back the Design in Permaculture, by emphasizing on Design Science and Master Planning.

Permaculture in Practice Curriculum

Rak Tamachat believes in balancing theoretical learning with hands-on experiential learning. Every morning, we go outside to teach you the most useful gardening techniques, then you head to the kitchen where Khun Lin holds amazing Homesteading sessions. Get your hands dirty, like a true permaculturist!

Image for Communal Cooking at Rak Tamchat

The Communal Cooking Experience

Students love the delicious food we prepare for them. Under the guidance of our own Thai Chef, the amazing Khun Lin, students also get to help with meal preparation and get to learn about traditional Thai cooking, as well as Thai/Western fusion recipes. At Rak Tamachat, Community rhymes with Gastronomy!

Rak Tamachat Former Students Testimonials

We do love our “permadise”, but some might think we’re biased… Then who better to convince you than our former students? Check out videos from past students and read some of the best-written testimonies we received in the last few years. For a teacher, success is realizing that they managed to impact their students for the better!

Picture of South East Asia

The Permaculture Farm's Location

Where is our farm and how to get there? It’s pretty easy actually, and you can find directions to our farm in this section!

Image of a backpack

What To Bring For Your Stay

In this section, we have listed all that you need to bring with you for your stay at Rak, to help you pack efficiently!

Other Important Information

Click below to learn more about all the essential information you need to help you prepare your stay with us.

Image for Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have listed the most common questions we get asked, and provided detailed answers.

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Our Permaculture Farm


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand is located in the heart of Thailand’s idyllic farmland. The 75 acres of corn farm purchased in 2010 have been holistically transformed throughout the years to become a Permaculture Paradise – or Permadise – and is now home to Asia’s most renowned Natural Building and Permaculture Institute.

More than 17,000 trees have been planted over the last 10 years and, following the guidelines of its own Permaculture Master Plan implementation, Rak Tamachat successfully transitioned to a Fully Integrated Farm, incorporating many Permaculture systems that allowed the farm to thrive to this day.

Aerial View of Rak Tamachat Permaculture Farm
Image of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Gardens

Among many other features, when you come to a Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand you will be able to see our sustainable systems in action: Permaculture Herb and Vegetable Garden, Thai Traditional Organic Garden, Permaponic Garden Beds, Long-Term and Short-Term Compost Areas, Sustainable Teaching and Living Facilities constructed with the help of Natural Building Techniques and Materials, Filtration Reed Beds, Water Harvesting Ponds, Vermiculture Farm, Broad-Scale Organic Farming, Holistic Goat Rearing, Free-Range Chicken Rearing…

We not only work and teach on the farm, but we also live in our permadise, and we hope you will learn to enjoy it as much as we do!

Students enjoying breakfast
Students enjoying the pond
Rak Tamachat Community enjoying a Fire Night

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Our Sustainable Facilities


You have to Love the Natural Building Facilities at Rak Tamachat: your stay during a Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course in Thailand will be an amazing time: you will not only learn from top-notch permaculture teachers, but also have the added benefit of living in what some people have called a “Permasort“. Natural Building with love is what makes it all possible!

Your Private Teak Bungalows

The Natural Toilets & Showers

The Communal Sala at Rak Tamachat

IMage of Rak Tamchat's Sala

Khun Lin’s Communal Kitchen

The Permaculture Classroom

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Our Experienced Educators


Our Permaculture Educators are professionals in their fields and fully certified to run Permaculture Courses in an engaging and informative manner. This is what makes Permaculture such a strong and inspiring movement, and Rak Tamachat Permaculture Thailand a special Permaculture Institute. Rak Tamachat is also extremely lucky to have our local Thai Educators who share their vast knowledge of Tropical Plants, natural building, and the overall Thai Lifestyle.

Master Planning with Registered Engineer Beau Wickboldt

Beau is the founder of Rak Tamachat were he lives full-time with his Thai family. Beau knows that, ultimately, Family is why we do Permaculture. He believes we can work to make our world the better place we want, and that Permaculture offers all the tools you need to make the life we want. He has a passion for all things Permaculture and works hard every day to share his lifestyle with others. After answering everyone’s questions he can be found teaching, sharing, mentoring, or working on the Natural Building site. He has a fetish for planting trees, over 17,000 so far at Rak. He is fondly referred to as the Head Hippie in Charge!

Organic Gardening, Homesteading and Thai Cooking with Lin Wickboldt

Lin is the beautiful wife of Beau, she is the better half of Rak Tamachat. Her passion for growing organic nutritious foods and using the fresh ingredients from the garden to make delicious fusion Thai and western cuisine is a true blessing to the students and residents of Rak Tamachat. Lin loves teaching Thai homesteading skills such as tofu, soaps, tempeh, natural toothpaste powder, and fresh cheese. She enjoys sharing all the aspects of Thai Culture and teaching the Thai Style of gardening and cooking. Come learn all about Permaculture and how to grow, cook, and live the Permaculture Lifestyle in Thailand as well!

Banner for course schedules

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Our Detailed Course Schedules

Course Arrival Day


The course is held over 9 days. The arrival day is not counted as a course teaching day. Most of our students arrive after lunch on the arrival day. This allow them to check-in and complete registration, get settled into their Bungalow, then take a shower or swim in the pond and be refreshed for dinner.

Please note that the first day of the course begins on Day 1 at 8:00 AM.

Please do not arrive any later than 6:00 pm on the arrival day, as dinner is served at 7:00 pm. 

Course Departure Day


Departure is between 8:00 and 11:00 am the morning after the last day of the course.

Or you could also stay and be a Permaculturist in Residence, as Part of the PAY IT FORWARD Program.


Please note:

Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand reserves the right to change the schedule’s order to adapt to seasonal variations,

materials and staff availability, or students’ needs.

 Nevertheless, be assured that all lesson contents mentioned in the above schedule will be covered.

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Permaculture Design Lectures Curriculum

Permaculture, as we know it, is an environmental and social holistic discipline developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. To this day, most permaculturists refer to Bill Mollison’s “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual” as being The Bible of Permaculture, a true encyclopedia of all the philosophies, concepts, and techniques that embody Permaculture Knowledge.

At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Thailand, we base our theory lessons on Bill Mollison’s works, and follow the 14 Chapters of the Designers Manual to provide our students with the most in-depth Permaculture Design Course in Asia.

As Rak Tamachat is committed to returning the “DESIGN Element to the Permaculture Design Course, we teach our students the skills they need to be able to create a fully integrated Permaculture Master Plan with all the design elements they will need for their own property or one of their clients. You will leave Rak Tamachat with your own fully developed Permaculture Master Plan Design Portfolio that walks you through step-by-step exercises and self-reflection activities that will allow you to develop an Integrated Permaculture Master Plan.

During the course, we will touch on every major topic in the Permaculture Designers Manual as well as new Permaculture ideas, strategies, and techniques that have emerged over the last 40 years.

Permaculture is an ever-expanding field of knowledge and our Permaculture Educators work hard to bring the latest Permaculture Design Techniques to all our courses!


The Core Teachings of Permaculture Design

Image for INtroduction to Permaculture

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Permaculture

The basis of Permaculture as a Design Science is rooted in its core Ethics and Design Principles, developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. They guide our design and our life: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.

Chapter 2 - Concepts and Themes in Design

As a holistic Design Science, Permaculture holds many concepts and themes – such as resources, yields, functions, inter-connections, diversity, niches, and food webs – that one needs to master in order to become a successful permaculturist.

Chapter 3 - Methods of Design

To become a true permaculturist, you need to understand Nature, but you also need to understand how to design from Her. This lesson will help you develop your designing tools, through various methods and techniques, and enhance your Permaculture Toolbox!

Image for the Patterns in Nature Lesson at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 4 - Patterns in Nature

As Permaculturists, we know that Nature is our true teacher and that we must look to Her guidance to see how energy flows: by developing our Pattern Eye we can unlock the secrets of Nature. Nature holds all the Keys to our Future.

Image for Climatic Factors at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 5 - Climatic Factors

Nature is sometimes impetuous and has created some regulatory effects that we need to understand in order to adapt to them. Sun, rain, temperature, wind, extreme natural events: work with Nature rather than against It, and then flourish!

Image for Trees and their energy transactions at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 6 - Trees and Their Energy Transactions

Trees perform many functions to help regulate energy flow on your site: windbreaking, sun shading, water harvesting… Nitrogen producers, you can also get different uses for their biomass!

Image for Water Systems at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 7 - Water Systems

Water is Life, it is a precious gift that we need to respect and understand. In order to make the most out of this essential resource, we need to implement systems and develop techniques to harvest it, store it, and use it efficiently. Respect for Water is Respect for Nature.

Image for lesson about designer soil at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 8 - Soil Science

Soil is the basis for all life. We work with the soil to build interactions and help facilitate the conditions for life to flourish. We need to understand the soil and how its biome functions in order to feed it properly. Only then can we reap healthy nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Image for Earthworks and Swales at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 9 - Earthworks & Swales

Use the earth to solve the problems of agriculture, stop erosion, build soils, start perennial food systems. Learn to make natural swimming pools, ponds, micro garden swales, broad-scale swales, chinampas.

Image for the humid tropics at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 10 - The Humid Tropics

The humid tropics are an ideal environment for any permaculturist, as their constant humidity and heat make for a luscious nature. But too much of anything isn’t always good, and we sometimes need to mitigate the adverse effects of those green blessings.

Image for Dry Land Strategies at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 11 - Dry Land Strategies

Drylands might be the harshest environments on the planet to grow plants, vegetables, and trees. Many specialized techniques must be developed by permaculturists to adapt and thrive in the most challenging environments on Earth.

Chapter 12 - Cool and Temperate Climate

Each climate has its own challenges and permaculturists in the temperate latitudes – though favored for growing most of the year – need to develop techniques to adapt to winter conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Image for aquaculture and permaponics at Rak Tamachat

Chapter 13 - Aquaculture & Permaponics

Learn about the many benefits of using aquaculture systems, which, coupled to your permaponic systems, create a truly integrated farm, enhancing your system yield while reducing your inputs needs: a Permaculture formula for success!

Image for an alternative global nation lesson a Rak Tamachat

Chapter 14 - An Alternative Global Nation

The future of the world depends on everyone coming together to make a change. Building stronger communities, re-inventing our societies, and sharing more is The Way to a Sustainable Future. Take your world back!

Image for Permaculture Master Planning at Rak Tamachat

Master Planning

Learning the art of Master Planning gives you the power to enact change at your own level, thus showing others what is possible and empowering the changes we want to see. Learn how to grow your own food, build your own house, and attain Freedom!

Image for Permaculture in Practice Curriculum

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Permaculture in Practice Curriculum


At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand, we believe in balance and equilibrium: one cannot simply learn about permaculture in the classroom, they need to experience it hands-on as well.

To that effect, we developed our Permaculture Design Course with a balanced approach: Permaculture in Practice and Homesteading Sessions in the mornings will help you develop your skills through experiential learning, reinforcing the knowledge you acquire during the afternoon theory classroom lectures.

Our Permaculture in Practice sessions teach you new skills and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the Permaculture theory lectures, so you can get a deeper understanding of your role as a Permaculturist and become a true “Steward of the Earth“.

Get your hands dirty with us and add some life-changing tools to your Permaculture Toolbox!


Your Hands-On Permaculture Course Practical Lessons

Image for compost making lesson at Rak Tamachat

Compost Making

Making Compost is the very basis of permaculture activities, as it will help you re-mineralize your soils and feed essential micro-organisms following Nature’s Way. Learn how to put some Life back into your garden!
Image for vermiculture lesson at Rak Tamachat


Learn all about worms: Permaculture’s most underrated workers! From their nutrition to their reproduction, learn how to use their castings and worm tea to boost your garden’s yield.

Image for lesson about designer soil at Rak Tamachat

Designer Soils

We’ll teach you how to make biochar, and how to mix it properly with worm castings and compost in order to create a rich designer soil that will bring back health and microbial life to your Permaculture garden.

Image for biofertilizers lessons at Rak Tamachat

Making Bio-Fertilizers

Worm teas, compost teas, and efficient micro-organisms are on the menu! Learn how to use available elements to create the best homemade bio-fertilizers and foliar sprays for your plants and trees.

Image for plant propagation lesson at Rak Tamachat

Plant Propagation

Learning to propagate our own plants with confidence is one of the cornerstones of sustainability. We teach all the techniques you will need to grow anything! Saving Seed, Seedlings, Cuttings, Layering, Suckering, Grafting: why buy new plants when you can easily propagate your own?

Image for swales and levels lesson at Rak Tamachat

Swales and Levels

Earthworks are an essential part of any Permaculture project implementation, and we’ll teach you how to measure and read levels, whether using traditional A-frames and water levels or with the help of a theodolite. Design on contour, like a professional permaculturist!

Permaponic Systems

At Rak Tamachat, thanks to our amazing Permaponics growing systems developed by Beau, we can grow all of our leafy greens organically. Come to learn how you can build your own Permaponic Systems at your home, to grow your own food or start a small business.

Image for garden and farm tour at Rak Tamachat

Farm Tours

Throughout the course, you will be shown Rak Tamachat and its systems extensively, working hands-on in different parts of the farm. Khun Lin will also give you a guided tour of our Thai garden and show you how our plants and herbs are used in Thai cooking.


Permaculture Course Thailand – Homesteading Sessions


When people find Permaculture, they find their connection with Nature. When we start to grow our own food, we also inherently find love for preparing them.

At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand, the Permaculture Homesteading Sessions shows you how we can transform the bounty from our gardens into nutritious and delicious food, as well as natural healthy household products, for our family and friends.

Sharing the love for making our own products and the joy of a student learning something new, which can save their family money and provide a healthy alternative to corporately produced foods, is amazing.

Come learn how we make saving both money and the planet a truly fun and enjoyable activity!


Develop Your Self-Reliance Skills

Image for Rak Tamachat's lesson on homemade tofu

Homemade Tofu Making

Lin teaches us how to easily make homemade tofu, and get soy milk as well as okara in the process. A 3-in-1 lesson in healthy food making!
Image for tea roasting session at Rak Tamachat

The Art of Tea Roasting

You will learn the Art of Tea Making, as handed down through family generations, with all the techniques needed to make all-natural organic teas.

Image for liquid soap making session at Rak Tamachat

Homemade Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is one of the most used household items, and Lin will teach you how easy and inexpensive it is to make some at home.

Homemade Tempeh Making

Lin will teach you the process of making homemade tempeh, a delicious vegan option to diversify your meals and give you all the proteins you need.

Image for bar soap making at Rak Tamachat

Homemade Bar Soap Making

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” they say, and you’ll feel divine when you get to make a year’s worth of homemade soap bars in just a few minutes.

Image for natural toothpaste making at Rak Tamachat

Natural Toothpaste Powder

Lin will teach you how to make a really efficient natural toothpaste powder, the same way Thai people have been doing for generations.

Homemade Fresh Cheese

Fresh Cheese Making is so easy, you won’t believe it! And if you let it sit in a refrigerator, it can turn it to hard cheese and grate it on your pasta or pizza.

Image of meal preparation

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Communal Cooking Experience


At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand, we believe in the Power of Community. Beau often says “many hands make light work” and, with many hands in a kitchen, you can actually turn a chore into an enjoyable experience for everyone!

We are truly blessed to have our own inhouse Thai Chef, Khun Lin, who prepares delicious traditional Thai meals, but also masters fusion cooking of Asian and Western gastronomy. Thanks to Khun Lin, not only will you eat succulent dishes, but you will also have the ability to learn a lot about Asian and Thai cooking, as she loves to share tricks of the trade with those interested in developing their cooking skills.


Experience Permaculture Community Living and Develop Your Flavor Palette

Portrait of Khun Lin Thai Chef
Image of Khun Lin Thai Chef
Image of Khun LIn Thai Chef on Hot Pot Night

Communal Participation

At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand, we like to support the values of participation, cooperation, and load sharing: when everyone lends a hand, life gets easier!

During your stay, you will need to help with kitchen duties for lunch and dinner on designated days: we organize a rotation of helpers on a big whiteboard in the kitchen. That way, everyone gets to help, and everyone is included in the permaculture community.

Sometimes, certain students are eager to learn more about Thai Cooking under Khun Lin’s guidance, and they can be found at every meal in the kitchen: you are more than welcome to do so – the more, the merrier! Doing so is like getting a private Thai cooking course, which is a very nice bonus to this already very rich experience!

Picture for communal cooking
Image for communal cooking
Image for Communal Cooking
Image for Communal Cooking


Throughout the years, we came to understand that, in the morning, people have very diverse needs. Therefore, instead of cooking copious meals only to end up throwing away food, we let people cook their own breakfasts.

We usually have eggs, cereals, fruits, and vegetables available – some also like to go for the previous dinner’s leftovers – and sometimes Lin delights us with some homemade bread or biscuits.

In any case, the kitchen is always open, and you can help yourself with whatever you can get your hands on. So, as long as you don’t waste food, go wild!

Image for breakfast at Rak Tamachat
Image of homemade bread
Image for Communal Cooking
Mango sticky rice for breakfast at Rak Tamachat

Special Meals Nights

At Rak Tamachat Permaculture Thailand, every meal prepared by Khun Lin is a delight. And it gets especially delightful when she organizes the Special Meal Nights during the PDC course – meals that give true meaning to Community Living. On the menu: Hot Pot (Thai Barbecue), Thai Noodle Soup, Burger Night, Western Barbecue, and our students’ favorite: Pizza Night!  Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, or an omnivore, we can assure you: you will feast, not fast!

Hot Pot Night at Rak Tamachat
Pizza Night at Rak Tamachat
Hot Pot Night at Rak Tamachat
Mango sticky rice for breakfast at Rak Tamachat
Image of Permaculture students

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Rak Tamachat Former Students Testimonials


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand held its first official Permaculture Design Course in 2012. Since then, the Permaculture Institute has certified hundreds of students from all over the world.

We feel privileged to have had the opportunity of meeting so many interesting and engaged individuals, and lucky to have developed amazing friendships over the years.

Click on the videos below to watch testimonials made by some of Rak Tamachat’s former students.

Here is a video made in 2019 by our friend Xavier, a student who loved his experience so much he wanted to give an overview of his journey at Rak Tamachat Permaculture Thailand!

YouTube video

By clicking on the button below, you can also read written testimonials from students who shared with us how much they appreciated their time at Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand:

Permaculture Course Thailand – The Rak Tamachat Pay it Forward Program


As a graduate student of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course, you will become a member of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Intentional Community.

As such, you will receive the right to return to sit in on a 2nd Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at 1/2 Price or return at a later date to see your works thriving with our Permaculture Residency Program.

We love it when our old friends return to help out! It’s like seeing long lost friends, and with Permaculture and Natural Home Building, it’s all about our relationships with people and nature.


Check Out Agatha’s Testimonial of her

Pay it Forward” Experience!

YouTube video
Image of a rain tree alley

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Our Permaculture Farm’s Location


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Course Thailand is located in the heart of Thailand’s farmland: the Northeastern region of Isaan.

We’re just 25 kilometers away from the closest city, Sikhiu, and 45 kilometers away from Thailand’s second most populated city: Nakhon Ratchasima.

Only 3.5 hours away from Bangkok, you can get to the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute easily by car, motorcycle, taxi, or taking advantage of the cheap and reliable transportation options that are regional buses and trains.

To get all the details on how to come to Rak Tamachat, click the button below:

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Permaculture Course Thailand – What To Bring For Your Stay


We understand that many of our Permaculture Students are traveling from other countries. Some have been traveling for a long time, some are seasoned backpackers, for others, it is the first visit to a non-western country.

In order to help you pack as efficiently as you can (no one likes to carry around too-heavy luggage when it is not required), we recommend that you take a look at our “What To Bring Page“.

On that page, we compiled a list of the essential things you need to bring for a stay at Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute Thailand, as well as items that you might enjoy bringing with you.

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Important Information


Here are some of the things we thought you should know and be made aware of in order to prepare your stay with us at Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute Thailand.


Safety & Security

Thailand is a very safe country – one of the safest countries for traveling in Asia!

But, like anywhere, theft does happen (mostly in touristic cities, though). As a rule of thumb, keep your personal belongings close to you and do not flaunt your camera, money, personal computer, phone, etc.

The same precaution you would take traveling in your own country!


Travel Insurance

It is recommended that all travelers carry some sort of traveler’s insurance when traveling to Southeast Asia.


Money and Currencies

If you made a reservation deposit, your remaining payment can be made in cash on check-in at Rak Tamachat, in either US Dollars or Thai Baht (exchanged at the prevailing rate on the day of check-in).

As a second method of payment, you can pay your balance with PayPal.  However, please note that if you choose to pay the balance by PayPal you will have an additional cost of 5% to cover the transaction fee, which is an additional cost applied by PayPal which Rak Tamachat has no control over.

We recommend that you come to the farm with cash (USD or Thai Baht). The easiest way is to exchange money is at the Airport. Please note that the closest ATM to the farm is in Sikhiu, a 30-minute ride with a motorbike taxi. If you arrive at the farm without money (Thai Baht) and cannot make a PayPal transfer you will have to pay for the return ride to Sikhiu which is 300 Baht each way. Also, note that some banks will not allow you to withdrawal large amounts on your ATM card. The usual daily withdrawal limit at an ATM is 20,000 THB (plus transaction fees).

Honestly, we recommend you save a little money and come to the farm with cash (Thai Baht) which you exchange at the airport.  It is truly the easiest way to pay!

For current exchange rates, you can check out:

Also please note that, In Thailand, it is not advised to use traveler’s checks, as many places – including us – do not accept them. Larger places will take credit cards, but cash is the preferred method.

Travel with what you feel most comfortable carrying!


Internet Availability

We have a good fiber internet wifi connection at Rak Tamachat. This is an extremely valuable luxury resource. We encourage people to reach out to their loved ones to let them know you are safe and sound, though we also encourage limited use of the internet to not overload your already stimulated senses.

The internet connection is available for free in the communal sala, but it is shared, so we ask our students to be mindful and not overload the bandwidth by downloading heavy files such as movies, in order for everyone to be able to enjoy access to a decent wifi connection when they need to!

You are welcome to bring your own device (phones, tablets other WIFI capable devices will work on our system) and we can provide you with a safe place to keep them if you need to.

In Thailand, you will find free wifi access almost everywhere (coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc.), but if you desire to procure yourself a SIM card for your stay, we recommend you purchase one from either AIS or True Mobile. Those are the two best companies in terms of reliability and network coverage. If you want to save time, you can purchase SIM cards at the airport on arrival, but it might be cheaper to get one at a convenience store later on (7Eleven, Family Mart, etc.).



Rak Tamachat has one 60-meters well in addition to an extensive rain harvesting system.  This system will be discussed in greater detail upon arrival.

Our well water is potable, but we also provide filtered water for your needs.


Health Matters

Thailand does not have malaria, you will not need a malaria vaccine. There are occasional bouts of Dengue Fever, which is like a very bad flu throughout Southeast Asia. However, in the 8 years at Rak Tamachat, we have not had any cases.

We will be working with an array of tools so we recommend having your tetanus vaccine up to date. Thailand has an amazing medical system and there is a clinic in the next village five kilometers from Rak Tamachat and a hospital about half an hour away in case of emergencies.


Emergency Contact

Please let us know immediately about any health conditions, allergies, and other information that may be useful for us to make your stay the best possible at Rak Tamachat. We also recommend you share with us any emergency contact information (email and/or phone number) on your reservation check out form, that way we’ll be equipped should anything happen (which rarely does, but it’s better to be safe than sorry).

Also, we recommend you let your loved ones know this: in case of emergencies, your loved ones may contact you by calling the international accessible farm phones listed on our Contact Us page.


Exit Tax

Thailand has no Exit Tax at the airport or border crossings.  However, overstay on your visa is 500 Thai Baht per day up to a maximum of 20,000!!


Passport & Visa Information

Visit our very detailed page on Passports and Visas by clicking on the link below:

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Permaculture Course Thailand – Frequently Asked Questions


 Before you make a life-changing decision about where and who to take your Permaculture Course with, please read the following list of questions you need to ask yourself:


What should I consider when selecting a course?

Make sure you know what you’re going to get for your hard-earned money. An informed choice is always the best choice. Permaculture teaches the Principles of Good Design and the value of doing your homework. Researching the facts is what Good Design and Good Permaculture are all about. Start right on your Permaculture Path by selecting the best course for you!


How I Can Apply Permaculture to My Life?

Our course is designed and focused on teaching the skills necessary for you to make a Professional Permaculture Master Plans which you could go onto market in your own Permaculture Consulting business or start your Permaculture projects and communities. Upon completing the course with Rak Tamachat, you will receive a Certified Permaculture Certificate. The PDC certificate entitles you to use the word Permaculture in your future endeavors and pursue your Permaculture Career. Anyone who has taken a PDC with Rak Tamachat can go on to teach a course and pass on the knowledge of Permaculture (though it is strongly recommended that you get several years of hands-on experience first). After completing your Combined Discipline Course, If you want to gain some serious skills and experience, Rak Tamachat offers a Permaculturist in Residence Program.


What can I do to Prepare for the Course?

This course is intended for:

1) The beginners – who may have just heard about Permaculture for the first time, as well as for;

2) Those with some experience, who may be practicing Permaculture already, but are interested in learning the theoretical framework behind it. You are not expected to have any specific knowledge or skills upon arrival.

We do think it is helpful to start thinking about ecological systems, and Permaculture design in advance. Read!  Find a book about design, organic gardening, integrated systems, ecology, solution-based exploration of our world’s problems, etc. Any of these subjects will provide you with some context prior to the lessons of the course. Or, if you have a specific piece of property or ecological area that you are primarily interested in applying Permaculture principals to, sit and observe it, map it, read about it, and talk to others who are working in similar environments. Then, bring that information with you to the course. We may be able to use it for a design project.


Do I Get Continuing Support Following My Graduation?

Our Students matter to us so we strive to offer lasting support. Students who complete a course with Rak Tamachat are invited to become part of Rak Tamachat’s growing network of graduates. There are three ways we work to support our students:

  1. Graduates may audit any future 72-hour certification courses for half-price (provided space is available). Our objective is to support our students for as long as they need it or want it, and to encourage them to support each other.
  2. Graduates of a Rak Tamachat course will receive a 10% discount on any additional (different) courses with Rak Tamachat.
  3. Graduates may email to request instructions or advice on any of their future projects from our instructors. We are always here to help our students.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:


Are fruit snacks / coffee inclusive in the course cost?

Yes. Is there any other way?

The kitchen is always open, so you can he;lp yourself at any time with available fruits, nuts, or veggies. Also, we have a selection of teas (or you can make your own with fresh herbs from the garden), some locally-sourced organic coffee, and filtered water to help quench your thirst!

Does the Permaculture Institute cater to dietary needs?
Our lifestyle values diversity and personal choices and our kitchen reflects this.

We have Raw-food, vegetarian, vegans and gluten-intolerant people as guests all the time; we strive to accommodate food sensitivities, however you should inform us about your dietary needs and we may advise that you bring specialty snacks as we live far away from any major cities and we may not have access to certain food items.

What accommodation is provided in the course price?

At Rak Tamachat we understand the “value of a good night sleep” and we are consciously focused on providing a high standard of natural living for our students and residents. People don’t call us a “Permasort” for nothing

Rak Tamachat’s courses included a stay in one of our Teak Bungalows. Our bungalows are situated in a beautiful forest garden setting, on the edge of a pond, nestled under bamboo stands bordering our fruit orchard.

In the tropics hygiene is important. We have designed full functional, “Bali Style” open air toilets and showers.

There are Bird’s of Paradise right in the shower!!

On Rak Tamachat’s Tree of Life you can see one of the key Permaculture Principles on is integrate not segregate.

When you come to stay at Rak Tamachat you will live in the same bungalows that our Residents stay in as well.

Will there be internet access?

At Rak Tamachat we understand the need to interact online with friends and family while abroad and value the ability to access the internet.

We have full and reliably fast fiber internet with free wifi capabilities in our communal Sala.

You can skype home anytime you want. We don’t mind.

What is the classroom like and maximum class size?
Rak Tamachat’s Main Classroom is simply amazing.

It has fully reclined bamboo seating with Thai cushions so you can lay back and relax while learning. The classroom is laid out in stadium seating perspective and can fit a maximum of 18 students luxuriously.

We feel 15 students is the upper limit for providing a good student teacher ratio and delivering a student centered approach to learning. We have to also allow for places for our returning students on the “Pay It Forward Program“.

We feel this allows the teacher and all the students to get the valuable face time together needed to transfer knowledge and maintain a more personal teacher student relationship so essential in learning.

We are not in this for the money, we do it to support our growing community and PAY IT FORWARD.

What teaching styles do the Educators employ to facilitate learning?
At Rak Tamachat we engage our students in an adult oriented, interactively based curriculum, open forum learning environment.

Our Main Classroom and Outdoor Hands on Practical Classrooms are equipped to give the best education possible in an relaxed environment.

We are never short on space, tools, or equipment and our founder prides himself on his large “toolbox“.

Without tools design is just a dream. Rak Tamachat makes dreams a reality!

How does the Education Institute Facilitate its courses?
Facilitation of the courses is one of the unseen but most important aspects of making sure the course runs smoothly.

Creating and maintaining a welcoming and loving environment with trust is where the Rak Tamachat Resident Interns really shine.

The Resident Interns are the Rak that rolls the Education Center wheels.

We really could not do it without them and achieve the high level Rak Tamachat strives for.

What is the farm / Education Institute like for the hands on practical sessions and does the course actually have practicals?
Rak Tamachat is a very hands on, experiential learning training center.

We are lucky to have the ecological and physical infrastructure of a well designed training site allowing us to demonstrate and participate in the principles taught in all our courses.

We’re able to take first hand knowledge and experience and apply it to project based practicals that fit within a real Vision and Permaculture Master Plan.

At Rak Tamachat you will participate and co-evolve in projects that contribute to the overall development of Rak Tamachat’s Living Organic Permacultutre Master Plan.

We don’t like demonstrations for the sake of demonstrations.

We value resources and practice profitable Permaculture by re-investing our yields.

We value your labor and make it count towards something real.

Does the Education Institute provide students with a curriculum and schedule?
At Rak Tamachat we understand the need to maintain a structured, well planned and professional course that is clear, concise and conducive to learning.

At Rak Tamachat we provide students with a detailed PDC Course Syllabus, Master Plan Design Portfolio and Permaculture Tool Box.

What materials are provided to the students before, during and after the course?
During the course, we provide our students with Permaculture Toolkits to build up their Permaculture Tool Box.

As they say, a plumber without tools is just a fat man with a large crack bent over your sink; and a Permaculturist without tools is just a Tool.

You will be given access to copy to your hard-drive our complete “Rak Tamachat Tool Box” located on Rak Tamachat’s server.

This will give you all the information and further study materials for your “budding” Permaculture career.

Does your Permaculture Education Institute allow you to copy its Permaculture Database?
Rak Tamachat believes in open source and free share.

We have a database with a plethora of Permaculture Materials – books, documentaries, podcasts, articles, pictures, research papers, etc. We recommend bringing a portable hard disk with at least a Terabyte if you want it all.

We want to share with you and give you all the resources so you can continue learning after graduating from Rak Tamachat.

Does the Education Institute have or utilize a Permaculture Master Plan?
Rak Tamachat utilizes a Permaculture Master Plan to oversee our short and long term farming plans and actions.

The plan allows us to plan for and reflect on what we hold to be the corner stones of what is necessary for the farm to be a healthy environment for us to live, provide for the lifestyle we need to flourish and allow for the return on our work to keep us economically viable.

The Master Plan is a living document and as such is constantly referred to, revised, updated, and added to as we learn and grow with the integrated farming operations here at Rak Tamachat.

We hope by putting our work out to the world for their review and use that we are “Paying Forward” the help that we received.

Feel free to copy whatever can help you in your farming endeavors, nothing would make us more happy than to help another farmer succeed in Permaculture and Sustainable Integrated Farming. Check out our Master Plan Here

Are there areas that provide for a diverse social atmosphere?

The residents of Rak Tamachat enjoy our lifestyle.

We work hard to create a variety of areas to relax, socialize, swim, meditate, do yoga, exercise, go for a walk, enjoy a sunset or hang out with the locals.

Did we mention we have 75 acres to wander around?

Permaculture Thailand – Contact Us


You still have unanswered questions? Don’t worry, we’re always available and love to help!
Click the button below to contact us by email, and it will be our pleasure to answer your questions, concerns, or needs for additional information as soon as we can.


Rak On!