Intentional Community Ecovillage Thailand, Asia

Rak Tamachat Permaculture Research & Education Institute


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Research and Education Institute is made up of a group of Local Thai and International people who have come together in an Intentional Community Ecovillage to work to change their lives and the lives of others by choosing to follow a different path than the one laid out by the consumer economic driven global economy. We wish to live our lives in a more natural way, closer to nature and respecting life.

We feel the Thai Culture is close to the way we see the optimal Permaculture lifestyle revolving around raising our own food in peace. We strive every day to build the Permaculture Environment we need to keep our lives at a basic level by providing for our food, shelter, medicine and clothing.

Once our base has been established we can then work to help others to learn the Techniques, Ideas and Practices we use to make our desired Permaculture Lifestyle and Permaculture Intentional Community possible.

We know through our combined hard work we can share in the bounty that Nature was designed to provide for its people.

We take care of nature and rest assured that we will thus, in turn, be taken care of.

You can learn more about the residents of Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute and Intentional Community Ecovillage below and what made them choose to find Rak Tamachat, what makes them stay and how they are working to make the world a better place.


Meet the Permaculture Educators

The Permaculture farm is a wonderful place to see the transition from a commercial corn and rice farm to a Permaculture Farm and Intentional Community Ecovillage practicing Integrated farming with holistic animal systems. This allows for the perfect backdrop to host Permaculture and Natural Building Educational Courses on Natural Living and Sustainability. The resident Permaculture Educators make the education center come to life and guide the development of the Intentional Permaculture Community Ecovillage and the transition of the Permaculture Systems on the farm. We could not do the amazing work we are without them.


Permaculture Certified Educators:

Our Permaculture Educators are professionals in their fields and fully certified to run a Permaculture design course in an engaging and informative manner. Beau_Wickboldt

Beau Wickboldt & Family

Beau is the founder of Rak Tamachat and brings his professional engineering carrier experiences to bare to teach Permaculture Design Principles based on established engineering practices. Beau engages his students with practical real-world experience to show that the Principles and ethics of Permaculture can be used to create a sustainable farming system and create an environment to facilitate natural living for a family. Beau has designed Rak Tamachat based on these principles and uses it to visually demonstrate what is taught in the Permaculture Designers Manual. Beau believes that the best way to learn a topic is to get your hands dirty doing it. Rak Tamachat uses hands-on teaching aids to get our students to learn more quickly and in a more natural way based on this belief. To learn more about Beau’s life journey click here.


Thai Family

The farm is owned by the Nakaew Family, it is comprised of Maa and Paw, their children and spouses and grandchildren. As the local custom in Thailand is to have a matriarchal family, Ma is the big boss. Ma and Paw have a daughter Phawarin (Lin) who is married to Beau. They have three boys and all live together in the main house. The oldest boys are twins and are named Drie and Vier, they were born in Nov 2011. The youngest boy is Joey and was born in Aug 2013. There is always lots of activity in the Nakaew household with three young boys running around, lots of fun to see kids growing up naturally on a farm.


International Intentional Community Ecovillage Residents

Some of our long-term volunteers really got involved and learned allot about the Thai culture and themselves, Ben Summerlin decided to work alongside the Thai workers and help them, he ate all his meals with them, he learned a wide variety of practical skills, learned to speak fluent Thai over a period of one year and matured into a very outstanding young man. He went to one extreme and was rewarded, we hope to allow the freedom for everyone to come and find their own niche.

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