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Volunteers Chris and Joanna:


My wife and I stayed at Rak Tamachat for 4 days! Wow!

Such an experience and a real privilege to meet and spend time with all the guys at the farm!

We came away from the experience with our eyes opened to a different view on how life should be and how it is within the power of everyone to make it so!


Anyone traveling to find that something they have been missing should look here for they may well find it!

We highly recommend a visit and would love to have been able to stay longer!!

Thanks, Steve, James Pon, Guy, Gravy, Tom, Ivan, Mark, Toni, Steve & Lin and all the guys we met at Rak Tamachat!! Awesome!

PDC and Teacher Training course member, Clare:


“Attending the PDC course at Rak Tamachat was a great experience, led by a wonderful, experienced, patient and wise trainer in the person of John Campagne. The hardworking RT team made our stay a fun-filled and interesting one – there was never a dull moment. I learned so much and especially appreciated the holistic and yet in-depth approach to permaculture.

I also very much appreciated the strong social perspective on which permaculture is based – it doesn’t hide behind technology but dares to make a stand and speak out for social change. It truly is a revolution disguised as gardening. Permaculture gives Hope and that is what the world needs. Permaculture also seems to be to unite East and West.

Seeing so many young people from developed countries in the course made me realize how young people all over the world are looking for answers and are ready to take action to make a better world. Asia is so rich in the culture that is true agriculture – we need to cherish and nourish this.

A culture of caring for people, caring for our Earth and fairly sharing resources — this is permaculture — and it can only bring people together. What made this experience amazing was the special blend of people and cultures it brought together – there was wonderful chemistry! It made the learning fun and bonded us together.

Permaculture warms you up from the inside and I think a PDC is something everyone should take! Well done Rak Tamachat!!!

“Staying on for the Teacher Training Permaculture Course proved to be a good decision because the PDC was still fresh in my mind and I could relate much better to discussions on teaching strategies. Because I had taught and trained before, I felt able to interact much more in this course than even the PDC and integrate past experience with the new experience of permaculture.

I felt the sharing and discussion to be very rich and really enjoyed “going behind the scenes” to figure out the best ways to deliver different topics. Permaculture has so much to offer; the challenge is not just to teach Hands and Head but also Heart which makes everything work.

I find the prospect of teaching and sharing permaculture with people inspiring and motivating because it is Life-Giving and Light-Giving and everyone can learn from it and also teach it – over a lifetime.

Permaculture is part of a whole social transformation and that is what makes it exciting. It unites us all! I would be truly privileged to share permaculture with others. John was a fantastic trainer for this course as well – kudos to him and to the wonderful Rak Tamachat team for a job well done. We love you!!

Lots of love, Clare”

Teacher Training Course member, Nazik:


The course, the people I met, the exchange and care were simply a life-changing experience. We can dream, and we have the tools to make them happen!

Now, how exciting is that?
This course will allow me to explain better what PC is in order to raise funds for the project I’m currently working on, in Morocco.
Permaculture is not only THE SOLUTION, but its what every human being on this planet dreams about and longs for:

PDC course member, Christian:

Everything inspired me about this course… !! The people, the place, the education!
Challenges living with a community, challenges in learning new concepts
this course made me feel empowered, proactive, more genuine, more practical. Made me realize that others with the same interests exist and they come from many different backgrounds. Which is very neat.
It relates to social change by helping people see change as something we are all intimately involved in every decision we make, that we’re all in this together and cooperation, not competition is the key.
I’m nearing applying it to everything in my life…. I soon may have a job doing it and I certainly spread the ideas around like wildfire.
Permaculture, to me, is a sacred symbiosis with Life…