Lesson 4 – Shared Thai Dishes – Section 4 – Grilled Thai Dishes

Module 2 – Thai Dishes

Lesson 4 – Shared Thai Dishes

Section 6 – Grilled Thai Dishes


Aep mu แอ็บหมู Aep mu.JPG North A Northern Thai “soufflé” of egg, minced pork, herbs and curry paste that is slowly grilled inside a banana leaf wrapper over a charcoal fire.[17]
Aep ong-o แอ็บอ่องออ Aep ong-o.jpg North Roughly chopped pig’s brain mixed with egg and curry paste are grilled over a low fire, wrapped inside banana leaves [18]
Aep pla noi แอ็บปลาน้อย Aep pla noi.jpg North Freshwater small fry and brine shrimp are mixed with curry paste and then grilled over a low fire wrapped inside banana leaves
Chin som mok จิ๊นส้มหมก Chin som mok.JPG North Chin som is the northern Thai version of the pickled pork sausage called naem. In chin som mok (lit. “covered chin som”) the pickled pork is grilled inside a banana leaf before serving.
Kai yang ไก่ย่าง Grilled chicken Kai yang CM.jpg Northeast Grilled marinated chicken, usually eaten together with Som tam (papaya salad).
Kho mu yang kratha ron คอหมูย่างกระทะร้อน Kho mu yang kratha ron.jpg Kho mu yang kratha ron literally translates to “pork neck grilled on a hot skillet”.
Kung yang/kung phao กุ้งย่าง/กุ้งเผา Grilled prawns Kung yang.JPG Grilled prawns are normally served with a nam chim, a spicy dipping sauce, made with mashed raw garlic and green bird’s eye chillies, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice.
Mu manao หมูมะนาว Pork with lime juice Mu manao.JPG Sliced grilled pork with a dressing (nam chim) of mashed garlic, green bird’s eye chillies, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice. Here it is served with additional sliced bird’s eye chillies and raw garlic on a bed of ice-water chilled sliced raw phak khana (Chinese broccoli)
Mu yang หมูย่าง Isan grilled pork Huay Kaew waterfall mu yang.jpg Northeast Originally from the Isan region of Thailand, the fatty parts of belly pork, together with the skin, are preferred over lean meat. It is served with nam chim chaeo, a spicy dipping sauce made with dried chillies and roasted, then pounded, sticky rice.
Nuea ping เนื้อปิ้ง Nuea ping.jpg Marinated and barbecued beef.
Pam khai mot ป่ามไข่มด Pam khai mot.jpg North[19] Grilled banana leaf cups containing a mixture of ant eggs, chicken eggs and some salt. After grilling the dish is sprinkled with chopped spring onion and pepper. The ant eggs make the dish much more creamy. It can also be eaten as a snack.
Sai krok Isan ไส้กรอกอีสาน Sai krok Isan yai.jpg Northeast Grilled, fermented pork and sticky rice sausage, originally from the Isan region of Thailand. It can be shaped like a sausage as in the image, or as round balls.[20] It is also often eaten as a snack at festivals and fairs, and served together with sliced ginger, bird’s eye chillies and raw cabbage.
Sai mu ping ไส้หมูปิ้ง Sai mu ping.jpg Marinated and barbecued pork intestines
Sai ua ไส้อั่ว “Chiang mai sausage” Sai ua CR.jpg North A grilled sausage of ground pork mixed with spices and herbs,[21] and which is often served with chopped fresh ginger and chillies at a meal.
Suea rong hai เสือร้องไห้ Weeping tiger beef Suea rong hai.jpg Northeast Suea rong hai literally means “weeping tiger”. It is grilled marinated beef which is eaten with vegetables and Nam chim chaeo dipping sauce.