Module 2 – Thai Dishes


Think you know Thai food?

Think again.

Thailand’s cuisine takes a different form every time it crosses a provincial border.

The below is just a taste of what Thai Culinary Cuisine can offer, your depth of flavor and ingredient knowledge will allow you to make and combine / refine / fuse so many more dishes you will never be at a loss for a good meal.


We can broadly break the Thai Dishes into 7 categorizes:


Lesson 1 – Rice Dishes


Lesson 2 – Noodle Dishes


Lesson 3 – Miscellaneous


Lesson 4 – Shared dishes


     Lesson 4.1 – Curries


     Lesson 4.2 – Soups


     Lesson 4.3 – Salads


     Lesson 4.4 – Fried and stir-fried dishes


     Lesson 4.5 – Deep-fried dishes


     Lesson 4.6 – Grilled dishes


     Lesson 4.7 – Steamed or blanched dishes


     Lesson 4.8 – Stewed dishes


     Lesson 4.9 – Dipping sauces and pastes


    Lesson 4.10 – Miscellaneous Shared Dishes


Lesson 5 – Savory snacks and starters


Lesson 6 – Sweet snacks and desserts


Lesson 7 – Drinks


This may not be an exhaustive listing of ever Thai Dish but we hope it will guide the budding Chef on his culinary path with Thai Cuisine which is a life long journey.


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