Rak Tamchat Lifestyle Gallery by past Resident and Community Member

Amy Rodinson



The Rak Tamachat Community wishes Amy all the best in life, we are sure with her love for the world, hard work and passion, she will be able to do anything she wants. The world only needs a few more Permaculturist like Amy!


Take a minute and explore Rak Tamachat through the artistic eyes of Amy!


Welcome to Founding Memeber and Permaculture Educator

Brendan Cote’s

Rak Tamachat Lifestyle Gallary

The Rak Tamachat Community owes more than money can pay to Brendan who worked to help Rak what it is today. He was their when Beau needed a friend and he became just that.

He will always be a founding community member and friend.

He helped to get us through some hard times at the beginnings of Rak Tamachat. He worked to create the thriving culture which we enjoy today.

His works and planting can be seen thriving all over Rak Tamachat.


All the world needs is a few more Permaculturist like Brendan in the World!


Tomato sauce, keep stirring.


Take a minute and explore Brendan’s time at Rak Tamachat as seen through his gallary

Banana Circle in the Kitchen Garden Crew