Rak Tamachat’s Lifestyle – living the dream

“Just another Shitty Day in Permadise” – Beau Wickboldt

One may wonder how I would start this with the above, but I believe in what at least I think it means. It is the tag line of our so called Film Production Company “Permadise Prodcuction” and I think it really sums up what we do at Rak Tamachat. I guess I have a weird sense of humor…….. or so I have been told.

I take life very seriously, sometimes to seriously and I need to remind myself of what this is all about. Why am I doing this. Where are we going. Remember the Plan!

So I do my best to work hard and to live life to the fullest, I do not like creating goals I can not achieve, but I set very high expectations and work hard to realize them. I love sharing my thoughts on what drives me and helping my students to find the drive and passions that will fuel them and their dreams.

The Permaculture Dream to some is just a Hippie fantasy! I for one could be called a hippie by many persons, most not thinking they were a hippie! Lets be frank the work has derogatory meanings and is used by the establishment to make a negative statement of people they would see as beneath them. I use the word allot at Rak Tamachat as I believe that I am one and I will own the word. I will not give the then the power to use it against me.

That being said I also feel that we as Hippies need to take responsiblity for our lives, we have choices to make on how we will live sustainably and pass on a better world to the future generations and if we allow the “lazy side of the hippie mindset”