Why create / invest in Rak Tamachat – Putting your money where your heart is

Finding your Passion and building your right Livelihood

One of the hardest things that I have to deal with in being a Founder of Rak Tamachat Permaculture, Natural Building and Living Education Center is the very hard question of what I did before I became a Permaculture and Natural Building Educator.

The question is not hard, in that I am not able to answer it, but that for the wrong people the answer gives them a sense of betterment. Why do I say that, well I have found that in my Journey of Life and my more present Permaculture & Natural Building Journey (what I like to sum up as Natural living) that we do not all view life in the same way.

I have been made to feel bad on more than one occasion, by persons who I do not believe had that intention, when they were told what I did for a living before finding Permaculture and Natural Building and wanting to build a life with Natural Living at its core. We have all done things in our past which we can look back on and say we should not have done, dwelling on the past does not help us to build our future. I work hard now to make up for and build the future I want a reality. I do this for all the people of the world, my family and myself.


What did I do prior to finding Natural Living?

Well I went to school for Construction Management and after a few years of traveling after school I begin working in the ASEAN Offshore Oil and Gas Market. It was basically what I had gone to school to learn. I became a successful Project Manager, Operations Manager, Vice President, Managing Director, Technical Services Director (my carrier title changes). When I was backpacking through Asia I now know that I was searching for something. I only now realize that the thing I wanted was a better connection with Nature. 

I wish their were places like Rak Tamachat when I was traveling, I wonder now what may have been different if I would have found Permaculture sooner.

The reason I was made to feel bad has to do with the looks I am given by some who could not imagine how I or anyone else could have worker in the oil industry. Well the thing is that at the time I really did not see anything wrong with it. The pay was good, I did not see our actions at hurting the environment, how time changes ones perspectives!


Why Create Rak Tamahcat

To me Rak Tamachat represents so much more then my interest in the community. I work hard everyday to make sure that some day Rak Tamachat can run and operate without my help or input. Simply put my main job is to make sure I have no job sometime with Rak Tamachat. As the lead Permaculture and Natural Building Educator and the Founder, I inventively take on lots of responsibility. I want you to try and think of it this way: If I were to die who would run Rak Tamachat. This is a very hard question because if we truly want anything to be Sustainable then it need s to be able to go on beyond our lifetime. I want the succession of Rak Tamachat to be a smooth one and I work hard to make this possible.

I have three young boys and I would really love one of them to take on the responsibility of the management, the extensive gardens, animal systems, etc….

I also realize that they may not want that for their lives, this is not an easy thing to say but could be a possibility and I have the responsibility to plan and work to make sure that Rak Tamachat will go on for generations so finding and nurturing the right people to build our community is necessary.

I know that to make the life we want a reality we have to work hard.


Why invest in Rak Tamachat

I believe that we all have choices and that to work or not and on what terms is one of them. I came to realize that I was not happy in my work, I was very good at what I was doing. I was a good engineer and executive but I was not meeting my life goals. I had to come to terms with what I wanted in life. This was something I was working on but I had not really found an answer for yet.

I worked and it seemed the more money I made the more that I increased my spending, seems to be a trap that allot of people fall into. I was “keeping up with the jones’s” so to speak. I came to believe that this was a conditioned desire as I wanted to please my so called social group.

When I discovered Permaculture it allowed me to better see the world around me. I came to use Permaculture as a guiding thought pattern, something I know teach in my classes with the analogy of an umbrella.

I can’t remember exactly when on my Permaculture Journey I realized that I was just some sort of a rat in a maize. I was playing “their” (the coporations) game and I thought I could win (keep advancing up the corporate ladder).

The truth was that I could only win, when I quite their game and played my own.” – Beau Wickboldt

I was not foolish enough to quite without a plan. I was studying Permaculture and new that it was founder and based on Design Science and at the heart of this was Permaculture Master Planning.

I though for a while on what I wanted to do with my life, where I saw my self going, what were my talents, my passions, desires…………. This lead me to decide that the best way forward was to engage in a Permaculture Master Plan for Rak Tamachat.

I had decided I wanted to take the savings I was lucky enough to have made in the Oil Industry and put the money to good work. I had found Permaculture and it had helped me to see the world in a new light. To take away the fear and empower me with the tools to do something about the things I did not like. I felt that I had both the money and the skills to invest and give something back to the world.

After a year of hard work with a team of five persons, we had the Rak Tamachat Permaculture, Natural Building and Living Education Center Master Plan, it was a reality and guided us on a truly remarkable Permaculture Journey that is Rak Tamachat.

We hope that by providing our plan to the public it will help and inspire others to make their dream a reality.

Please click the link below and take the opportunity to explore the Plan in more detai: