Rak the Book


Translation of Rak Tamachat from Thai to English:

               Rak = Love           /       Tamachat = Nature   

if put together they mean in Thai

“Love & Protect Nature – Love Natural”


Rak the Book“, is meant to bring the whole Rak Tamachat experience and beliefs under one umbrella so it can be shared, copied, stole as many times as possible.

We feel the only way we can share our lives with the most people is without the need to derive monetary value from our shared efforts.

We want you to feel free to use or modify our work and adopt any of the beliefs we have with you own, we also want to share with you in your journey, so feel free to email us to discuss any points, positions, etc…..

We are always happy to share. We recognize that not all people are ready to accept our positions, we will be here to help them to understand where we are coming from and at the same time they may help us to expand our understanding of the world we live in.

After all expanding our knowledge base is one of the main ways we can fight back and sharing it with the world is our best weapon!



  1. Beau’s and Lin’s Backstory – Meet the founders
  2. Why create / invest in Rak Tamachat – Putting your money where your heart is
  3. Founding of Rak Tamachat – The Pioneers story
  4. What’s Rak Tamachat – What we do and why
  5. Where is Rak Tamachat Going! – Social outreach is our future
  6. Rak Tamachat’s Lifestyle – living the dream
  7. Beau’s thoughts on:

Sustainability – Is it Possible

The Future – It looks bright, if we can stop and change

Climate Change – What’s it really mean

 Teaching Permaculture – Spreading the word

Community and Culture – Why  we are loosing it

Modern Agriculture – Why it can’t last

Integrated Farming – One output is another’s input

Holistic Animal Management – Treating animals with respect

Perineal  vs. Annual  vs. Monoculture Agriculture – What’s right?

Regenerative Agriculture – How we can feed the world

Consumerism and Capitalism – Dedt is an addiction

Demographics – The importance of understanding the population growth curve

Holistic Living – Balancing one’s life

Raising a Family – Children are our future

Trades with skills are the future – Working with your hands

Learning from others – Stealing like an Artist

Leachers and Seeders –  Talkers vs. Doers

The Work life balance – working less in the future

Seed Saving – No seeds = No Future

 GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) – Corrupting Life’s Gifts

Natural Building vs. Modern Constuction – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Paying it Forward – Social Outreach at Rak Tamachat

What did we do before Chemical Agriculture – The future of Organic farming

The truth about Growing Up – A gift for my son’s