SEO Audit Report Template

Introduction to the SEO Audit Reporting Process

Whether you are the boss/owner of your own company or an employee who needs to develop an SEO Audit Report you should always have as your goal the non-verbal display of the SEO Strategies you are delivering and their effect on the business’s goals.  You must always assure that the report is presented in a clear and concise manner in line with the business goals and can be presented in an informative manner that makes sense to the intended party. To many times an experienced SEO expert will make a report he understands but lose sight that his clients cannot understand what is being presented. Remember a real expert can present complex subjects in a simple manner.

To help the Rak Tamachat student get started with the task of developing their own custom SEO Audit Report we have put together a simple SEO Audit Report Template. We will walk you through set-up, strategies, and nomenclature needed to showcase your SEO Work for your own informed decision making or to present to your clients.

The Rak Tamachat SEO Audit Template which can be used by SEO Managers and Search Engine Optimization Engineers to help their companies:

  • track rankings;
  • perform site-wide audits;
  • and make managerial-level SEO recommendations.


The SEO Audit Report Template will allow you to make beautiful, data-rich reports. You can then take the best data and convert it into a PowerPoint to be presented to your audience. You always need to remember that you are going to distribute your report to possible business employees who may need to utilize your info and data but not have your SEO Expertise. With this in mind, you should always try to make your report short and simple, with easy to understand language. Utilizing charts and illustrations will help to get your point across in a clear manner.

If that was not enough you can also add the following:

Competitive SEO Research
You can do Competitive Research Analysis to reveal competitor site structure, optimized keywords, content marketing and social strategies. Reviewing a competitor site with Competitive Research Analysis is a great way to better understand what your industry peers are doing and perhaps give your SEO strategy some new ideas.

Search Engine Ranking
You can also perform a Search Engine Ranking Page Analysis to see where your site ranks for important business keywords. A great tip is to alwas break down your keywords into “buckets” in your report.

For example, you could group:

  • all your brand keywords together;
  • business-driving keywords;
  • industry jargon keywords together;

Another great strategy to gain more insight is to rank your key competitors for these keywords to see how well they perform.



Sections of the SEO Audit Report Template


Section 1 – Report Cover Page

You need to begin your SEO Audit like any other report. You should have selected your branded colors and your company logo. This will allow you to make a professional cover page in line with your brand’s image.

Your SEO Audit Report cover should also include:

  • A simple heading and subheading;
  • Your name;
  • Your position;
  • The Date.

Section 2 – Executive Summary

One of the most important sections in your report is the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary is where you provide a bird’s-eye view of the overall contents presented. This is where you will kick-start your report and showcase the SEO performance findings.

The goal of every SEO Executive Summary is to present and summarize the key findings in a simple format. This should allow the intended audience a clear understanding of what will be present in the report in more detail later.

And because you want to convey key findings simply, use these techniques:

  • Use business language;
  • Report key figures (percentages, dollar figures, etc.);
  • Use visuals to communicate progress.

Section 3 – Site-Wide SEO Audit

The SEO Audit Report is a site-wide audit of your sites SEO Performance and can be broken down page-by-page to give a clear vision of your business audit data. You will need to focus on the highest value or core pages on the site (the money pages). Once the core pages are comprehensively reviewed you can work your way down to less prominent content.

You can perform your companies site-wide SEO Audit you use Rak Tamachat’s Free Online SEO Audit Report. The link will take you to our SEO Audit Report Page where you can enter your URL and email and after about 5 minutes your custom SEO Audit of your website or of any other, like your competitions will automatically be sent you your email.

The RT Free Online SEO Audit Report will provide you with a good overview analysis of your site content. It goes over which of your pages are performing well in terms of SEO and where you can make improvments in your SEO efforts.

The SEO Audit Report also provides you will a detailed breakdown of specific SEO element performance:

  • Page titles;
  • Meta-descriptions;
  • Headers and subheaders;
  • Body text;
  • Alt-image attributes;

Section 4 – Competitive Research

All SEO Audit Reports should include a Competitive SEO Analysis which will showcase quick industry insights. You need to include this when you’re presenting to top business management as a way of displaying your efforts to keep up with the ever-changing SEO world. You will need to keep close tabs on SEO industry leaders and current digital marketing strategies.

You can run the Free Online SEO Audit Report to find competitor site structure, optimized keywords, content marketing strategies, and social footprints.

Section 5 – Keyword Traffic Analysis

The Keyword Traffic Analysis Section is a granular analysis of your sites or competitors SEO performance. The data is showcased by pulling data from Google Search Console. The Search Analytics Data will help you to make a better-informed decision on the keywords on your site that are producing the most traffic to your site. It can also help you to show which of your Keywords have a good value potential if more on page SEO is done to better structure the pages SEO as related to that keyword.


You can also show advanced keyword analysis data like keyword search intent and ranking difficulty using Pagezii’s SEO Keyword Analyzer. This data shows top brass how you’re targeting different stages of the customer journey through SEO.