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Who is this Reference intended for:

The Online Business Development Reference is intended to help Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Students with the understating and implementation of starting an Online Web Presence, to support the development of their Permaculture Master Plans. The plan can and we hope also be used by other budding entrepreneurs to develop business to support their right livelihoods.

What is Online Business Development:

Online Business Development as described in this reference is meant to be used as a guide on the best practices for developing an online business. The reference guides the Rak Tamachat students through all the disciplines of Online Business Development and allows for the engaged entrepreneur the opportunity to learn and implement a winning online business strategy without the need for high cost consulting or business services.

Why do we need to know about Online Business Development:

Online Business Development is a fact of the operation of the modern world we live in. From Social Media Engagement to eCommerce Sales the study of an implementation of winning online strategies is now a required skill for a competitive business to develop. The Rak Tamachat Business Development Reference will guide you through all the skills you will need to make your business an online success.


RT’s O.B.D.R.


Explore the below sections to start your Online Business Development Journey!


Rak Tamchat has disclosed all the information in the Online Business Development in good faith and takes no responsibility for the success of your business in the following of our advice. We put the information that we have learned and used to run our business successfully out for the good of overall markets development and the education of our Permaculture and Natural Building Students. We wish for everyone to have a successful business and do not believe that Information should be controlled. If you can or do something concerning Business Development better, please let us know and we would love to discuss it with you and update our site.

Rak Tamachat receives no payments or is an affiliate of any services stated in this Reference. All stated services are used by Rak Tamachat in the running of our Online Business Presence.

Section 2 – Search Engine Optimizations (S.E.O)

Section 3 – The Five Phase of the SEO Process

Section  7 – Business Analytics

Section 8 – Social Media Marketing

Section 9 – Direct Customer Marketing

Section 10 – Fostering / Maintaining Customer Relationships Online