Chapter 4 References and Further Reading

Permaculture Designers Manual




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Chapter 4 References and Further Reading

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5 Oct ‘78:        On pulsers and biological docks

15 Nov ‘84:     On the gravity anomalies in the geoid

31 May ‘84:     The Robinson Congruence

7 Jun’84:         Recombination of DNA in a plus-torus

20 Mar 79:       The swirling of water

14 Jun 79:        The spiral classification of galaxies

5 May ‘83:       Symmetry, geometry, fractals

26 Apr ‘84:      Fractals

5 May ‘83:       Inversion and reflection of forms

17 Nov’83:      On impact craters

21 Apr 77:       “The great tennis ball of earth”

11 Oct ‘84:      The pineal gland as a timepiece

4 Apr ‘85:        Fractals, pulsars, black holes


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