Chapter 4 Designers Checklist in Permaculture

Permaculture Designers Manual




Section 4.28 –

Chapter 4 Designers Checklist in Permaculture

Read in pattern analysis, and study the relationships of ORDERS and FORMS in nature.

Patterned systems must be of appropriate size, or of the right order (i.e. note that small systems operate for things like frost protection and water conservation in crop).

When designing gardens, ponds, or access ways, try to minimize waste space by using spiral, keyhole and least-path systems, clumped plantings and sophisticated interplants.

Study and use edge effects; especially in relation to intercrop, and in the construction of plant guilds, pond production, and fail-safe species richness in variable climatic regimes.

Use appropriate patterns to direct energies on site, and to lay out the whole site for zone, sector, slope, and orientation benefits. This approach alone creates the most energy savings.


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