Rak Tamchat - Important Information

Important Information



We accept payment in the form of a Paypal transfer or Thai Baht.

Please note that Paypal transfers require a 5% service fee for each transfer. Paypal transfers for the course deposit do not have a 5% markup. If paying in a currency other than Thai Baht or by Paypal, the applicable exchange rate will apply at the time of the exchange at the farm.

It is not advised to use traveler’s checks in Thailand as many places including us do not take them. Larger places will take credit cards, but cash is the preferred method. Travel with what you feel most comfortable carrying.

** Please be aware that there is NO ATM at the farm and that there are many ATMs in Sikhiu and many banks that will do currency exchange.

For current exchange rates please check out: http://www.xe.com/ucc/


Safety & Security:

Thailand is a very safe country, but like anywhere theft does happen. Please keep your personal belongings close to you and do not flaunt your camera, money, personal computer, phone, etc. The same precaution you would take traveling in your own country.

Exit Tax: Thailand has no Exit Tax at the airport or border crossings.  However, overstay on your visa is 500 Thai Baht per day up to a maximum of 20,000.


Your Passport:

Please note and check the expiration of your passport because no country allows you to travel without 6 months before the date of expiration.   Make copies of your passport in case you lose your passport. We will put your passport away in our lock box on the farm and you should keep your copy on you when you venture off the farm.

For information on extended visas, please see Extended Stay Visa Information.

Notes on Water, Health Matters, and Emergency Contact:

Rak Tamachat has one 60 meters well in addition to an extensive rain harvesting system.  This system will be discussed in greater detail upon arrival.

Thailand does not have malaria, you will not need a malaria vaccine. There are occasional bouts of Dengue Fever, which is like a very bad flu throughout Southeast Asia. In the 6 years at Rak Tamachat, we have not had any cases.

We will be working with an array of tools so we recommend having your tetanus vaccine up to date. Thailand has an amazing medical system and there is a clinic in the next village five kilometers from Rak Tamachat and a hospital about half an hour away in case of emergencies.


Travel Insurance: It is recommended that all travelers carry some sort of travelers insurance when traveling to Southeast Asia.


Notes on the Internet:

We have a good internet connection at Rak Tamachat. This is an extremely valuable luxury resource. We encourage people to reach out to their loved ones to let them know you are safe and sound, though we also encourage limited use of the internet to not overload your already stimulated senses. The internet is free.

The internet is turned off from 8am to 1pm each day, all other times of the day it is on. The reason this is done is that we have discovered that it is a distraction during our communal work times. If you have an emergency and need to use the internet at a specific time, you can express this to one of our educators and we will accommodate you need.

We have a communal farm computer you may use, multiple LAN connections, and a WIFI connection.  You are welcome to bring your own device and we have a safe place to keep them if you need to. Your iphone, blackberry or other WIFI capable device will work on this system. On cloudy days the internet ma be slower than sunny ones.


**Please let us know immediately about any health conditions, allergies and other information that may be useful for us to make your stay the best possible at Rak Tamachat.


**At Rak Tamachat we eat 90% organic and vegetarian, some things are not available organic in Thailand, we do the best we can. We also eat organic eggs, catch fish from our ponds and occasionally eat chicken, turkeys, ducks or pigs from our farm as we believe and practice locavorism. We always have vegan dishes available, so none go hungry!


**Please make sure to be in contact with your loved ones prior to arriving on the farm. There may be times when the internet is not be available due to weather conditions.


Please let your loved ones know this. In case of emergencies your loved ones may contact you by calling the international accessible farm phones listed on our Contact Us page.

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