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PDC Introduction

Rak Tamachat and the Sustainable Agriculture Institute (SAI) are proud to be able to offer the Rak Tamachat Free Online Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Introduction. The Free Online  Permaculture Design Course  Introduction was filmed and produced at the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Education Institute, featuring Beau Wickboldt the founder of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Education Institute, Permaculture Thailand, Asia.

The course is facilitated on SAI’s Learning Manage System (LMS) to bring the onsite course experience to the online education forum. This will allow more people the opportunity to learn about Permaculture Design and Sustainability without having to make a financial commitment.

The Free Permaculture Design Course Intro consists of the first two modules/chapters of the full Certification Permaculture Design Course, allowing interested students the opportunity to get their feet wet in Permaculture Design before making the decision to take an onsite or online Permaculture Design Course.

Why make a free Permaculture Design Course Introduction?


We believe that the world is ever-changing and that by following the twelfth (12th) Permaculture Design Principle of “Creatively Respond to Change” we are working with the appropriate technologies of media and the internet to allow a larger audience the opportunity to hear the message of Sustainability in the Permaculture Design Education Curriculum.

We have also allowed the first two modules/chapters of the Permaculture Design Course Curriculum (Introduction to Permaculture and Concepts and Themes in Permaculture Design) to be shared for free in the “Free Online Permaculture Design Certification Course Introduction “.

We feel that there are many people in the world that do not have the financial means to come to one of our (Rak’s) onsite Permaculture Design Courses but are nonetheless in need of the Permaculture Design Message. By putting out the Free Permaculture Design Course we will be allowing people to both make better better-informed about where to take their onsite Permaculture Design Course or allow persons without the means to take a full onsite PDC the opportunity to learn about the message of Permaculture Design in their home country.

Permaculture Design is about the message of Sustainability and the Free Permaculture Design  Course IntroIntroduction Certificate gives the right amount of information about Permaculture Design to allow you to make the decision to take an onsite or online Permaculture Design Course Certification.

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