Permaculture References




Table of Contents

Please take the opportunity to explore the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Reference Library below, we have worked hard to give the Permaculture Community an additional source of Permaculture Knowledge to help do our part to build a better world with Permaculture Design and Sustainability. Just click on the links below to explore the world of Permaculture!


1.   Permaculture Designers Manual – Reference

2.   Rak Tamachat’s Permaculture Thailand Master Plan – Reference

3.   Permaculture Design Master Planning Process – Reference

4.   Permaculture Online Business Development – Reference

5.   Natural Building Course – Reference

6.   Thai Cooking Course – Reference

7.   Permaculture Tree of Life (Permaculture Principles) – Reference

8.   Permaculture Lifestyle (Rak the Book) –  Reference

9.   Permaculture Mind Palace Construction – Reference