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Learn all about the Rak Tamchat Intentional Community, Learn how we practice Permaculture in Thailand, Thai Permaculture is a wonderful mix of the Thai Culture with the Sustainable Principles of the Permaculture Lifestyle. Permaculture in Asia is amazing and Rak Tamachat Permaculture Farm and Permaculture Institute bring learning about Naural Building, Permaculture Design and Thai Cuisine to life. Come join us and learn how to make your Permaculture Lifestyle a reality.


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1.  Our Permaculture Communities and Sustainable Design Beliefs

2.  Our Intentional Community Ecovillage Thailand, Asia

3.  Our Permaculture Home and Institutes Facilities

4.  Our Permaculture Farming Activities

5.  Our Communal Cooking and Kitchen

6.  Our Permaculture Pioneers Adventures

7.  Our Permaculture Friends, NGO’and Businesses

8.  Beau and Lin’s Permaculture Life Story